Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 May Soap Challenge Club -- Mini Dessert Soaps !

This month's Soap Challenge requires us to make MINI dessert soaps. I usually make my dessert and food soaps with Melt & Pour soap bases and they are often similar in size to the actual food or dessert item. So this is the first time I am making dessert soaps using CP method and in much smaller dimensions.

We were also required to include one food item in all our soaps. I chose food-grade rose water (distilled water and rose extract) recommended by a well-known Indian chef. 

I made mini soapy Charlotte Cake, Buttercream Chocolate Cake, Meringue Chevron Cake and Apam Ice Cream Cornetto.

Mini Dessert Soaps

I piped the "sponge fingers" and "meringue" a day ahead.

Hand-piped soapy "sponge fingers" for Charlotte Cake

Hand-piped soapy chevron "meringue" layers

WHAT A MESS!! I had a really hard time putting the charlotte cake together. Everything was falling a part.
Charlotte cake assembly gone quite wrong!

 I almost gave up ... walked away for 10mins to calm myself down and tried again.
Work-In-Progress -- Mini Charlotte Cake Soap

Mini Charlotte Cake Soap

Mini Charlotte Cake Soap

 My Meringue Chevron Cake soap is inspired by Haniela's Raspberry Meringue Chevron Cake.
Meringue Chevron Cake

Mini Meringue Chevron Cake Soap

Mini Buttercream Chocolate Cake Soap

Mini Buttercream Chocolate Cake Soap

I am a big fan of Azlita of Sweet & Sour blog. This soapy Apam Ice Cream Cornetto  is inspired by her pancakes that resemble mini ice cream cones!

Mini Apam Ice Cream Cornetto Soaps

Mini Apam Ice Cream Cornetto Soap

Mini Dessert Soaps

This is definitely my favourite soap challenge! I had loads of fun! Now off to submit my entry before the link-up closes in 20 minutes! YIKES!!