Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shop-me ! at The Garden Shop

This is your Soap Auntie's first attempt at a collage. Okie ... stop laughing at the "Soap Auntie" !! When you've had two kiddos, even the fishmonger at the market here (in Singapore) addresses you most politely as "Auntie". Our local courtesy campaigns are most effective ;)

Christmas is just round the corner and if you have yet to pick a lil treasure for your loved ones ... do pop over to the Garden Shop at The Singapore Botanic Gardens and grab a lovely potted orchid plant or one of my handcrafted soaps.

Don't forget to stop at my favourite pizza cafe just opposite the retail shop ! ... yumyum ...

Happy shopping !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Macarons !

MeiMei was the flowergirl at a dear friend's wedding in September and got to be a lil princess for half a day.

This was also the day I had my first taste of a darn good macaron. "The best in Singapore" declared the bride and I cannot agree more !

Inspired ! and what better way than to celebrate Christmas with Merry Macarons !

(foreground, clocwise from top) Pear & Sparkle Yuzu, Granny Smith's Apple and Merry Cranberry (Limited Edition) Macaron Cookie Soaps

Who says that you can't have yummilicious macarons and soapilicious ones too ?

HoHoHo ... Merry Macarons !!

Monday, October 31, 2011

ooohh ... PUMPKIN !

I fell in love with The Soap Queen's pumpkin soap a few weeks ago. Gege liked it so much that he actually bugged me to make them as favours for his birthday party. I agreed but fell behind schedule with all the preparations and we ended up pretty soap-less for this party ... B-O-O !

Mummy felt really bad so she decided to surprise Gege yesterday with his lil pumpkin.
Pumpkin Soap

Better late than never ! Happy Halloween !

Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching up !

gee .. I just realised that I have neglected my blog for way too long ! It's 4 a.m. in the morning and I have a batch of brownies in the oven as I am typing ... well, I did promise kiddos yummies for breakfast :)

It has been hectic with lots of activities and happenings on the home front. Meimei and I participated in her school's Children's Day fun fair and we made lil soaps for all her schoolmates. It was a great time for mummy-doter bonding. Meimei learnt to make her own soaps and I was allocated the job of packaging them -- all 200 pieces. I must admit that I am not one who can sit for hours and indulge in repetitive hand movements. I must have dozed off at least a dozen times with soap, plastic and ribbons in hand ! 

I was a GooGoo Monster on the day of the fun fair as I had not slept for more than a day ... yes, the soap and plastic and ribbons etc. and I am alittle sad that I have no photos of the fun fair to share. Still hopeful that I will be able to ask a favour of a few photographs from the school and will definately update in time !

I'm not quite sure what had come over me but spending time with my kiddos seemed to have become a priority over the last few weeks. It was as if I was making up for lost time ... or creating happy memories for them for the future. I sensed that Gege and Meimei were genuinely happy in a long long time. 

It was Gege's 11th birthday two Saturdays ago and we had a small intimate party with a few of his closest friends. Daddio sent his love and Gege couldn't be happier.

View from our favourite getaway


Surprise from the hotel - for the birthday boy ♥

The Cake

The Party

Gege claims that my sandwiches are too old-fashioned for him and his peers. Huh ? So what do pre-teens eat anyway? Brownies ? I do hope you like your breakfast son :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival

We used to have great parties at Granny's; with all members of the extended family coming together during festive occasions. One of my favourite was the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Lantern or Mooncake Festival in Singapore.

Delicious mooncakes and sweet juicy pomelos; green tea and the bright mid-autumn harvest moon. Each year, amidst the merry-making, I would wait patiently for my lantern to be lit and hung up together with the rest. A simple gesture of love and devotion.

This year, I am inspired to handmake mooncakes -- a traditional delicacy and a must-have on this occassion.

Mini Snowskin Mooncake Soaps

Mini Snowskin Mooncake Soap with 'lotus paste filling and a single salted egg yolk'

As the harvest festival approaches, I am filled with poignant memories. Tonight, kiddos and I shall light our lanterns. A simple gesture of our love and devotion. LJTKJ

Update : Mini Snowskin Mooncake Soaps are available at The Garden Shop, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meimei's Lip Balm Adventure

Meimei is a very determined lil lady. All of 5 years and 9 months, she has decided that she wants to learn how to make soap and her personal toiletries. During the last few months, she has repeatedly asked mummy for lessons proper.

Today is THE day ... O-N-E. (Monday 5 Sept 2011)

Meimei was mighty pleased and super-thrilled to learn that we were going to make lip balm sticks!
" ooohhhhh .... my favourite " she cooed; " I want them to be pink in colour and taste like strawberries! "

To be honest, I was a little hesitant as I have yet to work with a kindergarten-age child and I was concerned whether she would be able to understand and follow the instructions during the lesson. Well, I was proven SO wrong ! Silly mummy !  :)

First, Meimei learnt the importance of sterilising all equipment and utensils.

Next, beeswax, candilla wax, castor and olive oils were carefully warmed in the microwave oven until completely melted. Mummy handled the hot stuff whilst Meimei was in-charge of operating the microwave oven. We allowed the mixture of waxes and oils to cool slightly before stirring in all natural "Berry Berrilicious" flavour fragrance oil (lip-safe and phthalate-free), followed by lip-smacking lip balm sweetener. YUMM !

For colour, Meimei chose Bramble Berry's Red Blue lip safe mica and our lip potion turned a deliciously shimmery iridescent pink with blue undertones! So pretty ♥

The lil lady impressed me with her motorskills as she carefully filled each lip tube using a disposable dropper. Perfect ! I topped each tube with just alittle more of our berry lip potion and set the tubes aside to cool.

Meimei with her pretty stash of Berry Berrilicious lip balm

To complete the "look", mummy will be printing out some customised labels for the lip tubes. Once done, we will seal each lip balm tube with a shrink wrap band for hygiene purpose.

Pretty pleased with the results we have achieved today. I have a sudden inspiration to create some holiday workshops for the lil ones -- definately great bonding sessions with parents ♥

For now, I am sure Meimei's teachers and girlfriends at school will be in for a berrilicious treat after the term holidays. I am so dreaming up our next lil adventure :) 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrate Teachers

So engrossed in filling my orders for this nation-wide celebration to honour those in the teaching profession on 1 Sept 2011; I ... erm ... only realised my booboo when Gege peered into the gift bag for his beloved teacher and wailed " mummy, where's my soap ?! " 

" OOOOORRRRRRRRRR ... you Forgetful Mummy !!! " Meimei wagged a little finger at me.

*gasp** I FORGOT !!! I smiled sheepishly and bravely declared " A-HAH !! Thank goodness for body creams !! " 

Yes, some who have tried them body creams, agree that they are one of my "best kept secrets". I'd managed to whip some Goat Milk & Honey body cream scented in a deliciously fresh and crisp apple fragrance at the last moment and popped them into the gift bags before kiddos left for school.

AND I baked for the teachers too ! Never mind 'Forgetful Mummy' for forgetting the soaps. The teachers will never know if YOU do not tell them ;) ssshhhhhhhh .... that's our lil secret *wink**

Vanilla Fairy Cakes with Marshmallow Frosting & Rainbow Sprinkles ... wait ... edible or soapy ?!

♥ EAT ME ♥

I have rekindled my love affair with --- my oven  :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Promise

"One word that frees us from all the weight and pain in life. That word is love." ~ Sophocles

The power of love is truely amazing. There is indeed no limits when it comes to love. There is only unconditional love or no love at all. And as I embark on this learning journey - to love and to be grateful for all I have, I have realised that there is only so much pain and suffering we, as human beings, can bear; because life most certainly steers us to choose love.

One of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in the last 6 weeks, was to receive a vision of hope. It was a creation from the human mind, one filled with love, joy and happiness. I cannot explain the excitement that I felt when I first laid eyes on it. I only knew that very moment, that it was my heart's desire.

So, thank you Ruth for this lovely creation.
The Promise Ring ~  by Sparkle Thots
 A promise made, a promise kept ... ljtkj

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am grateful for all I have

Leaving footprints in the sand

The view that greeted me every morning :)

Lovely garden

Kiddos loved the pool ... everyday


Well-wishes after I took a big tumble in the bedroom

The last 3 weeks have been trying. What was supposed to be a soul-searching trip ended with me taking off with kiddos in tow. Gege and Meimei, thank you for your love and kisses. LJTKJ

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Escape !

Kiddos and I took off on another road trip with the Grumps last week. We went up north and into the highlands. Well, when you live near the equator and are in a blistering oven (literally) ... nothing beats fluffy clouds and icecream ... EVERYDAY !

I ♥ blue skies !

We indulged in icecream several times - daily :)

Gege found a new sport

Meimei was awed by the indoor theme park

Big Thanks to Uncle Bobby! It was a beautiful suite ♥

Thumbs up! for a jolly good trip !

Time flies ! The new school term starts next Monday and No! we are certainly not looking forward *chuckle**

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kookie Moi

I am obviously suffering a bad case of cookie-madness.

FB pals are very naughty ! ~ fueling my current craze with requests of Cookie Dough in Cafe World ... YIKES !

You will know that YOU too are cookie-mad if you spend your waking hours dreaming up cookie fillings like I did ... and feeling quite hungry in the process ... hehehe ... if only these lovelies are edible as well  *sigh**

Buttercreme Chocolate Kookie Cookie Soap

Spicy Gingersnap Sandwich Cookie Soap

Berry Velvet Kookie Cookie Soap

Orange Ginger Molasses Kookie Cookie Soap

Buttercreme Vanilla Kookie Cookie Soap

Strawberry-Berry Macaron Cookie Soap

Pineapple-CocoLoco Macaron Cookie Soap

Merlion Butter Cookie Soap

Now, if you are thinking that I am in the wrong trade and that I should be earning some serious dough with my baking skills ... these kookie cookies are really all handcrafted and are seriously soapy !

Monday, May 23, 2011

Soap Swap Goodies

YEAH !! My 10 kg Fedex box has made a round trip and returned home on Saturday afternoon with soapy goodies from Bramble Berry's Soap Swap 2011. (see It's a S-W-A-P ! )

Apolok ( kiddo's petname for their beloved grandmummy ) was so excited and was the first to dig her hands into the packing peanuts to grope for the soaps ! haha ... we received 12 soaps from the pool of participating soap swappers ... let's see what we got !

Mr. Darcy Soap by Blushing Rose Handmade Soap

The first soapy goodie was a "Mr Darcy Soap". This is a goat's milk glycerin bar with a gorgeous soft creamy scent. It's a pity the name of fragrance oil used was not stated. 

Runner's Relief by The Paper Mermaid
This was THE scent that had me sniffing around the box when it first arrived :) I have not been able to run since I busted my knee-cap 20 years ago ... but I can't wait to run into the shower with this one !

Garden of Eden by Brooke LaFevre

Garden of Eden is my favourite from the entire lot. I so love the handpainted muslin bag ! I've yet to try soap-making the cold process method, mainly due to the lack of access to sodium hydroxide (lye) in Singapore; and I'm intrigued by the apple embedded in the soap ! ohh ... and ... mmm ... 'Red Apple' fragrance is yummilicious !

This 'apple of my eye' is now sitting proudly on Gege's shelf. Well, Gege is a jolly-good apple too ♥

Grass Stain Handmade Soap by mile high body care
This soap smells seriously of freshly cut grass ! ha ... wow for the 'Grass Stain' fragrance oil used. 

"I Love Flip Flops" by Christy's Creations
Did you know that Singaporeans LOVE their flip flops ? Seriously. We wear them everywhere :) I know that Apolok likes this piece of Raspberry 'n Violet glycerin soap ... how do I know that ? well, she was sniffing it deliriously ! LOL !! 

Fubble Bath is coming soon !
aawww ... when in need of a good drink ... SNIFF THIS ! I would consider using this 'Berrywine' fragrance in my soaps.

Passionfruit Rose glycerin soap by Soap and Suds

Island Coconut glyceirn soap by Soap and Suds

Buttercream and Snickerdoodle glycerin soap by Soap and Suds
I received 3 soaps from Soap and Suds :)  Lisa and Kim Burton are a mother and daughter team. So sweet !  These are good sized soaps, the pinkish one is scented with 'Passionfruit Rose' fragrance and the green one with 'Island Coconut'. I love the use of different textured materials in their packaging. The third one is scented with one of my favourite Bramble Berry fragrance oil - Buttercream and Snickerdoodle ! YUMMY !!

Inspired ♥ I promised Meimei ( she is all of 5+ ) that mummy will start teaching her how to make soaps during the coming school holidays ... looking forward !

Summer Splash By Nana's Artisan Soaps
If you are one of those who have a tough time getting up and ready in the morning, this could be your remedy. A truely wonderful blend of 'Rise and Shine' fragrance oil with Orange and Grapefruit essential oils.

Spring Time Shea Soap
Lovely pastel coloured shea butter glycerin soap with 'Grass & Lilac' fragrance oil. This piece of soap is really quite small -- nice things come in smaller sizes ! *giggle** There is no indication of the handcrafter or business name. Oops !

HaldeSoap by HaldeCraft
I ♥ dragonflies. Simple but elegant packaging; if only our weather in Singapore is not THAT humid. This beautiful goat's milk soap, scented with 'Kentish Rain' fragrance oil, almost soaked through the paper it was wrapped in. Hmm ... I wrapped my swap soaps in paper as well, I wonder how they are doing with their new owners ?

Okie dokie ... that's 12 ... but wait a moment ! Guess what surprise Meimei pulled out from the box ? She came to me with a package and said," there's a message for you mummy " ... and then her eyes went wide like a goldfish's LOL ! Thank you Amber ! Meimei insisted on taking her shower rite away ... with her new pet goldfish of course  *wink**

WAH ... this soap swap has truely been a learning experience. I am already thinking of the next one ...