Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrate Teachers

So engrossed in filling my orders for this nation-wide celebration to honour those in the teaching profession on 1 Sept 2011; I ... erm ... only realised my booboo when Gege peered into the gift bag for his beloved teacher and wailed " mummy, where's my soap ?! " 

" OOOOORRRRRRRRRR ... you Forgetful Mummy !!! " Meimei wagged a little finger at me.

*gasp** I FORGOT !!! I smiled sheepishly and bravely declared " A-HAH !! Thank goodness for body creams !! " 

Yes, some who have tried them body creams, agree that they are one of my "best kept secrets". I'd managed to whip some Goat Milk & Honey body cream scented in a deliciously fresh and crisp apple fragrance at the last moment and popped them into the gift bags before kiddos left for school.

AND I baked for the teachers too ! Never mind 'Forgetful Mummy' for forgetting the soaps. The teachers will never know if YOU do not tell them ;) ssshhhhhhhh .... that's our lil secret *wink**

Vanilla Fairy Cakes with Marshmallow Frosting & Rainbow Sprinkles ... wait ... edible or soapy ?!

♥ EAT ME ♥

I have rekindled my love affair with --- my oven  :)

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