Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meimei's Lip Balm Adventure

Meimei is a very determined lil lady. All of 5 years and 9 months, she has decided that she wants to learn how to make soap and her personal toiletries. During the last few months, she has repeatedly asked mummy for lessons proper.

Today is THE day ... O-N-E. (Monday 5 Sept 2011)

Meimei was mighty pleased and super-thrilled to learn that we were going to make lip balm sticks!
" ooohhhhh .... my favourite " she cooed; " I want them to be pink in colour and taste like strawberries! "

To be honest, I was a little hesitant as I have yet to work with a kindergarten-age child and I was concerned whether she would be able to understand and follow the instructions during the lesson. Well, I was proven SO wrong ! Silly mummy !  :)

First, Meimei learnt the importance of sterilising all equipment and utensils.

Next, beeswax, candilla wax, castor and olive oils were carefully warmed in the microwave oven until completely melted. Mummy handled the hot stuff whilst Meimei was in-charge of operating the microwave oven. We allowed the mixture of waxes and oils to cool slightly before stirring in all natural "Berry Berrilicious" flavour fragrance oil (lip-safe and phthalate-free), followed by lip-smacking lip balm sweetener. YUMM !

For colour, Meimei chose Bramble Berry's Red Blue lip safe mica and our lip potion turned a deliciously shimmery iridescent pink with blue undertones! So pretty ♥

The lil lady impressed me with her motorskills as she carefully filled each lip tube using a disposable dropper. Perfect ! I topped each tube with just alittle more of our berry lip potion and set the tubes aside to cool.

Meimei with her pretty stash of Berry Berrilicious lip balm

To complete the "look", mummy will be printing out some customised labels for the lip tubes. Once done, we will seal each lip balm tube with a shrink wrap band for hygiene purpose.

Pretty pleased with the results we have achieved today. I have a sudden inspiration to create some holiday workshops for the lil ones -- definately great bonding sessions with parents ♥

For now, I am sure Meimei's teachers and girlfriends at school will be in for a berrilicious treat after the term holidays. I am so dreaming up our next lil adventure :) 

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