Monday, December 27, 2010

Jolly Lolli-Days !

I hope you had a great Christmas and still enjoying the festivities with your loved ones. Grumps and I brought the kids on a roadtrip to East Malaysia; kindof like a family tradition - Grumps used to take me on such trips when I was just a little gal ♥

The kids were fascinated by the story of the missing Jim Thompson during our last holiday to Bangkok, so we thought it would be pretty C-O-O-L to continue this little adventure to Cameron Highlands where he was last seen.

First stop was at one of the numerous Strawberry Farms...we had lots of fun picking our own strawberries but they were SO SOUR !!

then the Butterfly Farm...

Rose Centre which spans an entire valley ! So many species of roses and lots of other flowers too.

Rose Center Valley

oohhss & aahhhsss at the Boh Tea Plantation...

And I definately want to stay at the Lakehouse during our next visit !


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Treasured Treats This Christmas ~ CLEVER & NICE !

I am so pooped! The best Christmas pressie for me this year would definately be a Good-Nite's Sleep.

Have I told you that it's a blast to soap against the weather? (over the weekend, my orange slices a.k.a Sunshine Tangerine refused to set despite sitting pretty for more than 6 hours! gggrrrrr....) Such fun I had - gift-packaging, making deliverys and gobbling down "One-for-One" pizzas with the kids on route in the car.

I am still marvelling at how I have so far survived being on my feet almost 20 hours a day; for the last 2 weeks. Driven by humbled pride and a sense of satisfaction perhaps? to be able to create gifts that will bring joy and love to the intended recipients during this festive season of love and giving.

A cheeky dose of my favourite cassis liqueur, now and then, helped tremendously in calming those cranky sleep-LESS  nerves; I must admit! 

Amongst my surrounding madness, a girlfriend very cleverly picked out items from my haphazard photo albums on Facebook to put together personalised hampers for her loved ones. I handcut gable boxes, lined them with matt gold tissue and topped with a festive ribbon and gift-tag.

Aahhhh.... N-I-C-E ♥

Orenji Set

The kids have packed their "Strawberry Milkshake" scented soapy favours, leftover from MeiMei's birthday party, into their lil travel bags...I am so looking forward to my mini "Strawberry Milkshake" get-away with the kids and Grumps during Christmas.

That's a sweet treat I will treasure and reminisce in years to come.

What treats have you chosen for your loved ones this Christmas?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Twinkle Fairy Magic

My lil princess turned 5 and we had a Fairy Twinkle Magic celebration at McDonalds :)

I think I have found myself ze best cake-maker! Fairy princess was pretty sure about what she wanted on her birthday cake and this lovely lady accomodated her requests to a T !

Cake by Bake-A-Log

♥ Twinkle Fairies ♥

It was a wee bit difficult to decide on the party favours that would appeal to both the girls and the boys. We were sure that Twinkle Gems would be perfect for our lil fairy guests...

"Twinkle Gems" for the girls

then GeGe suggested that I use a newly purchased mold and beautiful antique gold mica...

"BeepBeep Robot" for the boys !

Everyone loved the "strawberry milkshake flavour" ♥  Y-U-M-M !!