Monday, May 23, 2011

Soap Swap Goodies

YEAH !! My 10 kg Fedex box has made a round trip and returned home on Saturday afternoon with soapy goodies from Bramble Berry's Soap Swap 2011. (see It's a S-W-A-P ! )

Apolok ( kiddo's petname for their beloved grandmummy ) was so excited and was the first to dig her hands into the packing peanuts to grope for the soaps ! haha ... we received 12 soaps from the pool of participating soap swappers ... let's see what we got !

Mr. Darcy Soap by Blushing Rose Handmade Soap

The first soapy goodie was a "Mr Darcy Soap". This is a goat's milk glycerin bar with a gorgeous soft creamy scent. It's a pity the name of fragrance oil used was not stated. 

Runner's Relief by The Paper Mermaid
This was THE scent that had me sniffing around the box when it first arrived :) I have not been able to run since I busted my knee-cap 20 years ago ... but I can't wait to run into the shower with this one !

Garden of Eden by Brooke LaFevre

Garden of Eden is my favourite from the entire lot. I so love the handpainted muslin bag ! I've yet to try soap-making the cold process method, mainly due to the lack of access to sodium hydroxide (lye) in Singapore; and I'm intrigued by the apple embedded in the soap ! ohh ... and ... mmm ... 'Red Apple' fragrance is yummilicious !

This 'apple of my eye' is now sitting proudly on Gege's shelf. Well, Gege is a jolly-good apple too ♥

Grass Stain Handmade Soap by mile high body care
This soap smells seriously of freshly cut grass ! ha ... wow for the 'Grass Stain' fragrance oil used. 

"I Love Flip Flops" by Christy's Creations
Did you know that Singaporeans LOVE their flip flops ? Seriously. We wear them everywhere :) I know that Apolok likes this piece of Raspberry 'n Violet glycerin soap ... how do I know that ? well, she was sniffing it deliriously ! LOL !! 

Fubble Bath is coming soon !
aawww ... when in need of a good drink ... SNIFF THIS ! I would consider using this 'Berrywine' fragrance in my soaps.

Passionfruit Rose glycerin soap by Soap and Suds

Island Coconut glyceirn soap by Soap and Suds

Buttercream and Snickerdoodle glycerin soap by Soap and Suds
I received 3 soaps from Soap and Suds :)  Lisa and Kim Burton are a mother and daughter team. So sweet !  These are good sized soaps, the pinkish one is scented with 'Passionfruit Rose' fragrance and the green one with 'Island Coconut'. I love the use of different textured materials in their packaging. The third one is scented with one of my favourite Bramble Berry fragrance oil - Buttercream and Snickerdoodle ! YUMMY !!

Inspired ♥ I promised Meimei ( she is all of 5+ ) that mummy will start teaching her how to make soaps during the coming school holidays ... looking forward !

Summer Splash By Nana's Artisan Soaps
If you are one of those who have a tough time getting up and ready in the morning, this could be your remedy. A truely wonderful blend of 'Rise and Shine' fragrance oil with Orange and Grapefruit essential oils.

Spring Time Shea Soap
Lovely pastel coloured shea butter glycerin soap with 'Grass & Lilac' fragrance oil. This piece of soap is really quite small -- nice things come in smaller sizes ! *giggle** There is no indication of the handcrafter or business name. Oops !

HaldeSoap by HaldeCraft
I ♥ dragonflies. Simple but elegant packaging; if only our weather in Singapore is not THAT humid. This beautiful goat's milk soap, scented with 'Kentish Rain' fragrance oil, almost soaked through the paper it was wrapped in. Hmm ... I wrapped my swap soaps in paper as well, I wonder how they are doing with their new owners ?

Okie dokie ... that's 12 ... but wait a moment ! Guess what surprise Meimei pulled out from the box ? She came to me with a package and said," there's a message for you mummy " ... and then her eyes went wide like a goldfish's LOL ! Thank you Amber ! Meimei insisted on taking her shower rite away ... with her new pet goldfish of course  *wink**

WAH ... this soap swap has truely been a learning experience. I am already thinking of the next one ... 


  1. Aww, I'm glad that you and your family are so happy with the soap that you received from the Swap! It was quite a success and we'll be sure to do another somewhere down the line!

  2. gosh! Anne-Marie ! i am so honoured :)
    Mum, Dad and kiddos all pitched in to it was great family fun. YEAH ! and I'm already looking forward to the next swap !