Saturday, May 21, 2011


As a kid, I loved things on sticks. Literally. Even better if they are yummilicious and I can gnaw and nibble off the sticks! haha ... so when I chanced upon cake pops several months back, the idea totally blew me mind away ! Ingenious !

Recently I became almost predictable. Everything and anything that I lay my hands on would result in Meimei asking, " Mummy ... are you thinking of making THAT in soap ?"

Well, I seriously think I have a thing for soaps on sticks !

... overflowing with ideas really ... made a few and showed them to my kiddos and the expression on their faces was priceless ! Gege is usually alittle more reserved with his compliments. Approval from this young man comes in the form of - "gee mummy ... can i eat them ?" ; whilst Meimei simply declares "I want them in my goodie bags on my birthday !"

Introducing my "Things-on-a-Stick" collection ...

lil Kitty-on-a-Stick -- handcrafted soap

pokeAball-on-a-Stick -- handcrafted soap

gee ... if only I can eat them ...

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