Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cyber-Shot !

I am so blessed. I received an SMS one day (about 2 weeks ago.. i think) from my bf asking if I had a camera ? er ... yes ? the one that comes with my handy I replied in short message.

"Okie ... I'm gona give you a good one" bf texted. WAHHH ... so good leh ! My heart was fluttering ok!

A week later, bf popped by after work and presented me with THIS ...


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y I have a proper camera to take all my product shots. I am so touched ♥  *melts**

Thank you for your friendship, love, honesty ... thank you for your unwavering support - all these years. Thank you for not giving up on me when the rest of the world seemed to fade away. Thank you for being YOU and for accepting me for who I am.

I cannot say this any other way ... I love you BEST FRIEND !!!  XOXOXO

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