Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DIY - Kamen Rider Soap Tutorial

We had a blast celebrating Ryan's 10th birthday with a weekend getaway at the chalet and BBQ with some close friends and family :)

This year's party theme was "Kamen Rider 000" of the famous Japanese Masked Rider series - we decided that Kamen Rider soap favours are thus a MUST for all our party guests.

It is great fun to make your own soapy party favours to compliment the party theme. Below are the ingredients needed to make approximately 22 pieces of 3oz customised soap bars.

Ingredients :-
6oz    Clear Melt & Pour soap base               
68oz  White Melt & Pour soap base          
51ml  Choice of skin-safe fragrance oil - Ryan chose Yuzu which is a sparkling fresh citrus.       
2 sheets of Water Soluble paper 

Equipment needed :-
microwave oven-safe pitchers                   
spoon (for stirring)                                                    
soap cutter                                             
digital scales
soap mold (we used individual soap molds for each soap bar)
Rubbing Alcohol (in a bottle with spray nozzle)

Directions :-
1) Print Kamen Rider images onto Water Soluble paper using a colour laser printer. Cut out the images to fit the soap mold.

2) Use soap cutter to cut soap bases into 1-2 inch pieces. Do not use a knife as the soap is slippery and the knife could slip and cause injury.

3) Melt clear melt & pour soap base in a microwave-safe pitcher at 20 sec intervals. Repeat until soap is completely melted.

4) Pour a thin layer of melted clear soap base into each soap mold. (This should cover the entire base of the mold)

5) Place paper, image side down, into the thin layer of soap. Allow to harden.

6) Melt 20oz of white melt & pour soap base in a microwave-safe pitcher at 20 sec intervals. Stir well and repeat until soap is completely melted.

7) Add 15ml of fragrance oil to melted white soap base and stir until the fragrance oil is fully incorporated.

8) Allow the melted white soap to cool below 124°F.

9) Pour melted white soap into mold, to approximately 0.5cm from the top of the mold. This will make it easier to unmold and release the soap when ready.

10) Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles and allow to harden.

11) When the soap bars have returned to room temperature and hardened, remove from the molds and wrap in cling wrap. Pull tight for extra clarity and to remove plastic wrap ripples.

I hope you like this tutorial. Please try it using your own images to embed in your soapy party favours and share the pictures of your awesome creations with us!

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