Friday, October 8, 2010

Three Hundred ! and 300 A-G-A-I-N !!

What can possibly go wrong? I plan meticulously. However, sometimes things just do not happen the way we want them to.

I had envisioned Red, Orange and Gold hues nestled in a lil creamy organza bag and I set out to make 300 pieces of "One-Use" soap leaves with my new soap bases. I was pretty pleased to have everything running on schedule...and I loved how the little maple leaf soaps looked when placed together in a little dish.

Maple Soap Leaves - perfect as single use guest soaps

It was past midnight when I started to pack the soap leaves individually into their lil cream organza bags, complete with an insert printed in our signature green swirl....i took a step back after a few leaves and I immediately knew that THIS would not work at all!! er...did I mention that the wedding was a few hours away?!

No time to whine. I snapped into crisis-management mode. I needed 300 wedding favours and I was running out of time!

I rammaged through my 'carry-all' bag and found the lovely invitation card - soft, gentle and feminine. BINGO!

I set a new personal record - 300 soaplets in slightly less than 7 hours. This included the melting, adding of additives, pouring, setting and unmolding; all repeated almost religiously since I only had one mold in each design or shape. The secret - our new soap bases!!

lil Pink hearts and seashells & baby blue stars and flowers

This new batch of soap bases is all natural and "Low Sweat"; meaning they perform very well in our humid weather with little or no formation of glycerin dew on the surface of the soap. Whilst normal glycerin soaps need to be wrapped in cling wrap (kitchen wrap) once unmolded, our new soaps can be packaged as it is or wrapped in paper :)  B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T !

With a little help from mum...loving hands rendered much needed help ♥ Thanks Mummy !

♥ Wedding Favours for my dear friend Johrah ♥

I wish you all the happiness and love that you so deserve my dear friend. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with me and my family. I hope you like my little gift :)

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