Monday, March 28, 2011


My kiddos fresh cold milk :) In fact, they can't live without it. They dunk all kinds of stuff into their milk - donuts, marshmallows, cereal, fruits etc... and of course, we must not forget their favourite cookies!

They have crowned this particular VanillaCream-sandwich Cookie ze B-E-S-T and their daily MUST-have ! Their eyes light-up and you can almost hear their MMMMMMmmmmsssss.... from the next room; especially when they are served those made for the Japanese market.

I mean, can you actually tell the difference ? To test them kiddos, I displayed a platter of the same VanillaCream-sandwich Cookie from various origins -- a lil sniff here and there...and their lil fingers still pick the Japanese ones. H-U-H ?! is Mummy-me missing something here ?

So when Gege suggested that I make some of their favourite VanillaCream-sandwich Cookie in soap, I was all patriotic and proudly declared mine - Made In Singapore !! *chuckle**

I'm so craving for milk and cookies now ...  ;D

Edited 21 Aug 2012 :-
** Vanilla Sandwich Cookie Soap is not available with effect from 21 Aug 2012 **


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