Monday, April 4, 2011

Secret Garden ... ssshhhhh

Have you read the story of "The Secret Garden" ? It was one of my all-time favourites when I was in school. So when the lovely bride of the ♥ R-A-S-T-A fiesta ♥  wedding asked if I could create some soapy favours for her BESTIE's wedding shower; I was pretty thrilled ... to bits actually ;)

My Mission : to make Fortune Cookie and Orchid Soaps.

erm... "Can you make the cookie SMALLER ??" huh ? like the authentic fortune cookie ?? I broke into cold sweat...well almost *hee** 

You see, my fortune cookie soaps are handcut and folded by hand, just like the regular cookie but they are ...


this is a perfect size as a HandSoap :) will definately thrill your house guests!

To be honest, I had not been successful in making bite-sized ones until then ! My mummy told me when I was little, that 'Practice Makes Perfect'. So I practised ... and I practised ... and I practised. I was exasperated ! "Aiyohh ... practice where got make perfect lah ?!" (singlish)

Then, something quite magical happened at #31. I decided that THAT cookie would turn out P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And it did ! And so did the next cookie ... and the next cookie ... and the next ... *grin**

Perfect practice makes SMALLER cookies afterall ! YAY !!

So, the Orchids were handpainted and then mounted onto the bases of handcut boxes, which were lined with a dark teal print of lil bits of flora and fauna, together with the Fortune Cookies.

Wedding Theme - Secret Garden, Orchids & Fortune Cookie Soaps

Handcut box with Riibon and Tag

all TURQUOISE and ready to go !

What's the fortune in the cookie soap ? 

hhmmm ... it's a S-E-C-R-E-T lah ... ssshhhhhh  ;)


  1. Thanks... they look so gorgeous and i really love them. you did a fantastic job. Rasta fiesta bride's bestie : )

  2. ohh...thank you for your compliments Maureen! So happy that you like them ... enjoy your wedding celebrations :) ♥