Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for ETSY

We are officially on !!

Now...this one MUST announce. It is a major achievement for me. C'mon ... I'd set up shop back in December 2009 but had wilfully neglected it. Then, I had promised f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get it up and running again. You might have read about it in some of my previous posts too ! oops...

There are lots of room for improvement; definately need to fine tune the product line and I need a proper camera ! I have been snapping all the photographs, thus far, with my handy ... YIKES !

So ... please do share your feedback, comments etc on how I can improve. I really appreciate it ! ♥

Meanwhile, I have curated my very first Treasury List - Colours You Can Eat! Well, you know me ... I do food and RAINBOWS :)

To see the respective shops on Etsy, simply 'click' on the pics! Are'nt they AWESOMELY DELICIOUS ?!





Remember to visit me too !  NaturesLittleT  is on ETSY


  1. Thanks for the sweet feature :) and good luck on Etsy!

  2. Thanks for including my felt potato chips!!