Sunday, September 19, 2010

♥ R-A-S-T-A fiesta ♥

My kids and I were invited to a wedding in August. Since the groom is a member of The Bushmen, a well-known reggae band in Singapore; it was surely R-A-S-T-A fiesta ! We were super excited !

The very beautiful bride had wanted to add that "special" touch and to suprise the groom and her guests with reggae-inspired wedding favours. I was secretly pleased with this mind-boggling challenge *wink**

We agreed that each bar of soap should be individually molded in their Red, Yellow & Green. Not the simple layering technique in a loaf mold. I honestly told the bride that I had no idea how I was going to do it. "I will figure it out", I promised her.

So 40 bars of soaps it was, 3 different scents; in all Reggae splendour, in an elegantly simple yet romantic packaging. My timeline - NINE DAYS. (a very muffled *yikes*) 

The first two nights were greeted with sleeplessness as I grappled with "how to do it...mann" - super scratch-head situation! Eventually I gave up the thinking; did a leap of faith and simply followed my gut feeling. I was running out of time!

Bars and bars of soap...3 different colours...3 different scents !

After lots of cutting up the single coloured bars...molding and re-molding...

We have Reggae Soaps ! Individually molded in Red, Yellow and Green !

P-H-E-W!! Soaps done, now for the packaging. Each box was handcrafted from shimmery pearly white stock cards and lined with NLT's trademark swirls.

Since the highlight of the wedding favours was the beautiful Rasta colours, I used clear stockcards to make clear covers for the boxes and topped off with a satin ribbon.

♥ Raggae Wedding Favours on display during the romantic wedding on 8.8.10  ♥

I was delighted to learn from the happy couple that the soaps were well-received by all their guests! Thank you Lisa and Hairul for inviting my kids and I to your wedding. It was so romantic and touching that I cried happy tears ♥

An additonal batch of Raggae Wedding Favours are on their way to the bride's family in Italy! WOOHOO !!

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