Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cupcakes & Ice cream with lots of L-O-V-E !!

I was about to doze off one night when my best friend sent me a text message : "Jenn would like these soaps for her teachers on Teachers' Day - chocolate vanilla and strawberry cupcakes...watermelon and orange ice you think you can do it?"

wahhh...OF COURSE LAHH...anything for my god-daughter Jennifer Lynn Teo ♥ !!

It has been months since I last made a cupcake or 'ice cream' soap. Previous attempts were pretty decent but I hated the idea that I had to wrap each cupcake up with cling wrap once done to prevent glycerine dew from forming on the surface of the soap. This pretty much squeeshed the foamy 'cream topping' of the cupcake, causing it to collapse.

Previous attempts at making cupcake soaps

My first 'ice cream' soap popsicles! * shy**

This request could not have come at a better time as I was in the midst of testing new soap bases; and I knew I had the one that would be perfect for this project! My new cupcake soaps are still chock-full of glycerin but I can now package them like a real cupcake...S-W-E-E-T

I always love a good challenge and this is the reason why I love what I am doing :)...then I heard this "...and could you add a cherry on top? Jenn would like a cherry on top of her cupcakes...can?" was I going to craft a cherry from soap?! and to make it look and smell like the real thing? hhmmm...Honesty, that gave me a lil headache! LOL

I was pretty quiet the next few days with lots of cake and ice cream on my mind ♥ Y-U-M-M ♥

Finally ...

Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcake with Cherry-on-top!

Strawberry Cupcake with Cherry-on-top!

I got my latest inspiration for my soap popsicles from one of my favourite artisan soap crafters - Debbie Chialtas of Soaplove.

This is my version of Juicy Watermelon and Zesty Orange Soap Popsicles !
Juicy Watermelon Soap Popsicles

Zesty Orange Soap Popsicles

Jenn-Jenn was mighty pleased with her god-mama ♥ and I got a B-I-G huggie and kiss LEHH !

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