Thursday, July 26, 2012

Singapore Garden Festival 2012

It was exactly 2 years ago that I wrote my very first blog post - Nature's Little Treasures @ Singapore Garden Festival 2010. Time seems to have passed so quickly. As I look back and reflect, I must admit that it has been a pretty amazing journey for me; for Gege and Meimei as well.

I have learnt to count my blessings. To be thankful and grateful for all I have. I've learnt (albeit the hard way) to let go of past relationships in all areas of my life. Most importantly, I have learnt to love myself. To live. To be - just me.

So Singapore Garden Festival 2012, in a little way, marked a new beginning for me.

Singapore Garden Festival, 7 - 15 July 2012

This year, vendors were required to be physically present throughout the entire period of the event. Perhaps it was a different mindset that I had embraced. Perhaps it was the Law of Attraction. I have never experienced such teamwork and camaradarie amongst a group of total strangers! There was a total lack of pretense and everyone was happy and just being themselves. It really felt so good :)

Nature's Little Treasures was allocated a wonderful display space. My Macaron Cookie, Vanilla Sandwich Cookie and Marshmallow Soaps were a hit! Adults and kids alike, had a really good time sniffing the soap samples and squeeshing the Marshmallow Soaps (to bits at times!!).

Nature's Little Treasures @ Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Kuddos to J and her team for a job well done on the Festival Shoppe!

It was a priviledge to be able to meet all my customers in person. Thank you for your love and support! I'm looking forward to Singapore Garden Festival 2014. See you there!

Edited on 21 Aug 2012 :-
** Vanilla Sandwich Cookie Soap is not available with effect from 21 Aug 2012 **

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