Tuesday, January 17, 2012

年 年 有 鱼 ! (Prosperity Koi)

I remember having huge custom made fibre-glass tanks in the house when I was little. One particular tank was so huge that GongGong would occasionally enjoy a swim in it on a super hot day ... well, everyday is super hot here in Singapore, so you get the idea. The truth was GongGong simply loved bonding with his beloved Koi fish -- more than 60 of them !

Those ugly blue tanks are gone for good now, but nuggets of memories - watching my dad swimming with his fish, handing him a towel after that, mum throwing a fit whenever the house got flooded with fish poopoo ... are gold and have a very special place in my heart.

So the very first person I showed these to was good old dad or GongGong to the kiddos. " hmm ... Kohaku ! just so that you remember, there will never be two fish with the same markings ... "

Koi Fish Soap -- Kohaku

Yes Daddy ... I still remember those fishy lessons *chuckle**

Wishing everyone  年 年 有 鱼 !  Huat ah !!


  1. Thank you Anne-Marie ! I was experimenting with your soap paint technique ;)