Monday, March 16, 2015

Soap like Food -- #10 Iced Gem Biscuits !

Soap like Food! is my personal soapy project to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday. Whilst brainstorming for ideas, one nostalgic food item that kept popping up in my head was Iced Gem Biscuits a.k.a Biskut Ais Gem (Malay transliteration). 

My dear grandma used to affectionately refer to them in Cantonese as "Belly Button Biscuits". The biscuit bottoms resemble cute lil belly buttons and each biscuit has a brightly coloured icing piped on top. I loved them when I was a kid and still do! I would sort these lil gems by the colour of their icing and munch them according to colour preference - white, yellow, green & pink. Sometimes I would eat the biscuit bottoms and save all the icing (the best!) for the last.  

I had a soapy good time making these lil gems !

Iced Gem Biscuit Soaps

Iced Gem Biscuit Soaps

Iced Gem Biscuit Soaps


  1. Looking at these Iced Gem Biscuits is making me hungry! Happy 50th Birthday to Singapore =)

    1. haha...thank you Anne-Marie! Come to Singapore for a holiday ;)