Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fluffy MarshMallow Puffs ♥

I'm all P-U-F-F-E-D up ! My lil heart ♥ that is. I have wanted to make fluffy puff soaps for the longest time; so when the lovely lady at The Garden Shop asked if I could make some MarshMallow Soaps for NParks' Family Day event, I just could not say no ... rite ?

There were so much fun in the house ! GeGe wanted to pop them into his mouth ! "Gee...mummy, why can't you make them edible too ?!" MeiMei sneaked her favourite pink one into the bath 'to help mummy test it out' ... heehee *tickled pink**

Fluffy Marshmallow Soap
so listen up! There is going to be a marshmallow-munchin' game booth during this Family Day event and if you are part of 'the family', do visit them and expend your coupons for some fluffy-puffy fun and bring home one of these lil bath treats !


Each Marshmallow Soap is good for a shower or two - lightly scented like a real marshmallow and is rich and creamy; making your skin feel so clean, soft and moisturised.

I think I really should add them to my existing range of products! WHOOT !!

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