Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kooky Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies have invaded Facebook in recent months. Well, at least on the News Feed of my personal account ;P Everyone seems to be loving them and the fortunes delivered are sometimes funny, promising, encouraging...mostly K-O-O-K-Y !!

I amaze myself - diligently 'breaking' a cookie a day to receive my 'fortune-for-the-day'. The young man of the house (yes, my son has become quite a handsome lad...*sigh**) so gently reminds his mummy that she was the one who instilled in him the discipline of not getting hooked on such online applications.

Gee...its makes me laugh what?! okie...I admit it, i C-H-U-C-K-L-E  :D

So to wean me-self off "Magic Fortune Cookie", I took a chance and made a storm in the kitchen instead.

Handcrafted and Hand-folded Fortune Cookie Soaps

What I was not prepared for, was the wet weather that followed. It rained continuously for almost the entire week! Though I have mentioned in previous blog entries about glycerin dew formation on Melt & Pour creations in our Super-Humid weather; NOTHING prepared me for T-H-I-S !

It was definately no fun attempting to clean glycerin dew off the soaps...again and again and again...I believe I repeated the cleaning process 4 times before I eventually gave up trying to removing the glycerin dew off 200+ pieces of cookie soaps; only to have them (glycerin dew) start forming again within minutes.

As I struggled to meet the delivery dateline, I started cleaning each cookie soap with Rubbing Alcohol, blow-dry with a fan at full-blast; before hand-dipping in "Strawberry Frosting" and dusting with cosmetic glitter. Tuck a personalised fortune into cookie soap before sealing in plastic packaging....and R-E-P-E-A-T.

Tah Dah !!

Customised Artisan Fortune Cookie Soaps


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