Monday, February 14, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

I fell in love with the song Rainbow Connection whilst Kermit the Frog courted Miss Piggy on The Muppets. How I wished on the morning star for I truely believed in it

For the lovers, the dreamers and especially ME, rainbows are not illusions but magical connections of the heart.

I am sure I will someday find my RAINBOW

Rainbow Love Soaps

My very hectic schedule over the last few weeks has finally taken its toll on me. A little down but now quite out yet ... before I take a much needed break, I "PLAID" my to thee  ;)

Plaid Valentine Soap

Rainbow Love and Plaid Valentine soaps are exclusively available at the Garden Shop, Singapore Botanic Gardens this weekend and on Valentine's Day.

No two hearts will ever be the same, each love is beautiful and unique in its lil special way.

Happy Valentine's

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