Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gimme Gummy Yummies !

W-H-O does not like gummy bears? or gummy worms? or those gummy hotdogs and burgers?? My all time favourite has to be the lil chewy cola bottles that taste like "CocoLala" !! That's how GeGe used to say it :)

Kiddos asked if I could mold their favourite chewy treats into soapy treats for their friends ... WHOOT! Great idea for a new range of party favours ! Thank you GeGe & MeiMei ♥ You always inspire Mummy ♥ 

Soap Gummy Yummies 

Soap Gummy Yummies - BEARY

Soap Gummy Yummies - SHARKY

Soap Gummy Yummies - FIZZY

Soap Gummy Yummmies - FRUITY

I'll be soaping WORMIES later in the day... P-L-U-S kiddos' much loved Vanilla Sandwiches !

Stay tuned for more gummy YUMMM !!  ;)


  1. Looks yummy! Kids would love bath time now. LOL

  2. my kiddos are my soapy testers! and daddio has been naughty - sneaking my lil bears off to wash his hands! :D